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Stourflex are have selected two leading companies to work with when it comes to pipework and rooftop supports, Sikla with their siFramo range and StrutDirect with their StrutFoot Range. These two companies offer us access to competitive prices and vast experience and technical capabilities, the advantage that this brings to Stourflex is that when designing our Technically Advanced Flexible Solutions in addition to the anchor and guides we can now support the pipework all the way along the run with low friction slides and and the apprpirate supporting frame, these frames can also be manufactured to take the anchor forces imposed on a pipework system by the use of expansion joints which can be so challenging to deal with on a flat non-penetrative roof or area where solid fixings are not available.

For more information please see the links below to the respective pages. 

 siFramo StrutFoot

 Typical Usees: 


  • Secondary Steel Supports
  • Heavy Duty Chiller & AHU Support
  • Anchor Points
  • High Density Cable Supports
  • Header Supports
  • Multi-Service Frames


Typical Usees: 


  • Rooftop Non-Penetrative Supports
  • Non-Penetrative Anchors.
  • Chiller & AHU Support
  • Access & Steps
  • Anti-Vibration Feet





Please click on the product link below to go to siFramo webpage.


Please click on the product link below to go to our StrutFoot webpage.