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Manchester University, Steam Main Extension

20160919 113009  Client:  Manchester University
 Contractor:   A&B Engineering
Products:  FRAMO Secondary Steel Pipe Supports, Expansion   Joints, Anchors & Guides.
JP120 JP122


Stourflex were extremely proud when selected to provide its technical expertise and products to A&B Engineering on the Manchester University steam main extension. This well respected university was recently ranked 34th in the world and 7th in the UK by QS World University Rankings.

A&B Engineering has been providing high quality design and installation for over fifty years. It has an enviable reputation throughout the industry for its work carried out in many different sectors including the steam main extension at Manchester University.

The prestigious project had an extreme set of complex engineering and structual design requirements due to the concerns raised by WML Consulting (Project Structural Engineers) at the design stage. Both the main consultant Jacobs and WML needed assurances that the anchor forces that need to be contained when providing a high pressure steam bearing thermal expansion solution would not have an adverse effect on the existing brickwork and concrete floors & walls.

Stourflex's design accomodated the requiremtns of both the Logstor preinsulated pipework and the consultants and our calculations showed the forces which were generated by and needed to be contained when the expansion joints were installed, Stourflex also introduced Sikla to the project to carry the pipework both underground and in the existing trenches, by utilising Sikla's Simotec Ultraglide pipe shoes (Stourflex type JP155) mounted on engineered siFramo frames, we were able to substancially reduce the anchor forces that would have been generated by traditional supports. The reduced anchor forces given by the low friction Simotec guides and the use of the engineered siFramo frames meant that they could be fixed to precast concrete slab instead of penitrating the wall or floor.

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The final benefits to A&B of using siFramo frames compared to traditional steel for the supports was in the reduced time and labour required for on site assembly and installation along with no welding being required. 


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20160919 114450


The expansion bellows selected were the lateral (JP120) and angular (JP123) restrained types. The JP120 & JP123 restrained expansion joints are fitted with tie bars and / or hinges and therefore enables anchor forces to be kept to a minimum, they can accomodate large amounts of movement and are more stable than Axial expansion joints in this installation. 


By using Stourflex Expansion Bellows, Framo supports and Simotec guides enabled Manchester University to receive a complete and justified solution from Stourflex meaning that the total package received was designed to best meet the site requirement and the demands of the contractor and consultant.


STOURFLEX®  provides a complete design service. This includes free technical advice, site surveys and after sales support.