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Stimwell Services,

The Island Patriot

Client:  Stimwell Services
Consultant:   P.D.M.S Aberdeen

 JP116SDB Axial / Lateral Expansion Joints

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Stourflex helping to solve a costly problem

StimWell Services, a leading developer of well stimulation technology, selected Stourflex Expansion Bellows as part of its contract to convert the oil support vessel, the Island Patriot. The purpose of the conversion is to prepare the vessel for entering in to a long term contract as a well stimulation vessel.

StimWell will deploy the vessel to assist in the development of marginal oil and gas fields and extend the life of existing fields through the use of hydraulic fracturing. The process involves the pumping of fluids at high pressure down an oil or gas well, which fractures the rock formation in which oil and gas are found. The benefit of fracturing is that the oil and gas can flow more easily through the reservoir to the well, enhancing flow rates and increasing efficiency of production.

StimWell Services will deploy the Island Patriot to work on a £242 million ($400M) well-stimulation contract awarded by BP Norge

Stourflex products supplied:

Caeser II stress analysis on the pump room exhaust system operating at 500°C revealed a need for expansion joints. Stourflex working with consultants P.D.M.S. in Aberdeen provided a design to accommodate thermal expansion. Stourflex supplied 27 Axial Lateral Exhaust Bellows sized up to 350mm diameter to be installed in the stainless steel pipework. 

Stourflex offer a complete design service which includes Caeser II stress analysis, site surveys and after sales support.

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