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 JaguarLand-Rover-stock  Client: Airbus UK
Contractor:  NG Bailey

Quad 500 Frame and HD Frame



The Airbus Broughton site was founded in 1939 for the production of the Vickers Wellington and the Avro Lancaster airplanes. Today Airbus Broughton employs over 6,500 people and the site is responsible for the wing assembly of most Airbus aircrafts.

NG Bailey are on the UK's leading independent engineering and services business and selected Stourflex to provide the rooftop supports for this prestigious project.

Their requirement included roof top support frames to suit the Air Handling and Chillers Units. Following a detailed site survey by the Stourflex design team it was highlighted the challenging installation constraints which included a small roof space and roof pitch.

Stourflex were able to provide a bespoke configuration of roof top supports in order to deal with these particular conditions on the Airbus site.

Our service to provide a suitable solution included full engineering drawings along with details calculations in order to justify our designs.

The roof top supports supplied are manufactured from heavy duty framework providing strength & convenience for installation. This fast & economical system was ideal for the Airbus project as it is supplied with anti-vibration pads with pre-attached to feet which means no penetration of the roof top waterproof membrane

From order date the delivery was completed in 5 working days.



 Feet Plan View