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Stourflex and Sikla

A Long Term Partnership

Sika have been in partnership with Stourflex since we first worked on the Derby Hospital back in 2006

This was the first project where Sikla worked alongside a thermal expansion specialist with view the design and supply of fixed point anchors and to manage the movement of the pipe. During this first project together we developed the JP175 2kN modular which was rolled out as a standard solution and to this day remains exclusive to the Stourflex product portfolio.

JP175 2kN Modular Anchor

Following this, we went on to secure the anchors on the MRI which was not easy as there was limited fabric to anchor to with the additional challenge of having the electrical and ducting service above the mechanical services making it impossible to secure the pipe and this lead to the a solution being developed where multiple smaller anchors could be mounted to a single beam. All design and stress analysis was combined with Ceaser II pipe stress analysis. All anchors kits were flat-packed and labelled for distribution throughout the site.

MRI Type Anchor

Sika and Stourflex continue to have close ties and committed to offering innovative and easy to install solutions making the headache of selecting pipe clips and expansion devices, we have made this simple by developing a simple standard range covering Carbon Steel, Copper and Stainless Steel which is at the forefront of a simple and vast range of options but with a single part number that get you everything you need from LTHW to Steam Pipework!

Written by Nigel Thompson, General Manager of Sikla UK Ltd


Stourflex and Ayvaz

"As Ayvaz Family, we wish to express our pleasure to be a partner of Stourflex for over 15 years. For all this thime we have had such a perfect understanding and have created a strong and reliable business which is based on mutual benefit. Stourflex have always fulfilled a remarkable role to make all relevant aspects easier in both technical & commercial cases."

Written by Hayrettin Tavukcu


Stourflex and Kodsan

"Working with Stourflex team has been always a great pleasure. The level of organization, kindness and approach to the business is a motivation for successful working. Look forward to keep our friendship and partnership in future for very long time with them."

Written by Toygar Kavak


Stourflex and our Middle East Distributor

"Stourflex WRAS approved expansion joints and flexible connectors are highly recommended to use as per the quality standard of connectors"

Written by Rajan K