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Tied Rubber Bellows - Type JP06JP03 Rubber Bellow

High Temperature Water.

Now Available With Precision Flt Flexible Lagging Jackets To Suit JP05


Tied E.P.D.M. rubber bellows with high tensile cord reinforced body and steel reinforced collar. Fitted with zinc plated carbon steel oval flanges complete with fully threaded tie bars and rubber top hat washers. Drilled to BS. 4504 NP16.


Stourflex tied rubber bellows are designed to accommodate misalignment and lateral movement. They are also used to reduce noise and vibration from pumps and reciprocating machinery. The high tensile cord reinforced body allows the JP06 to be used on heating systems and engine cooling applications or where extended service life is required.

Maximum working temperature 105ºC. (Intermittent peaks up to 120°C) Maximum working pressure 16 Bar. Maximum working pressure at 105°C = 6 Bar Maxiumum working pressure at 90°C - 10 Bar.

Stourflex rubber bellows should not be used at both their maximum working temperature and pressure respectively. Maximum test pressure = 1.5 x working pressure or 1.5 x flange rating, whichever the lower.


Stourflex are now able to offer a tailor-made flexible lagging jacket to help reduce heat losses on LTHW systems and heat gains & condensation on CHW systems. Please ask for more information.


Part Number N.B. Installed Length Movement Pressure

Lateral (mm)

Working Pressure up to 60° (bar)
Vacuum Without Suuport Ring (mm Hg) Vacuum WithSuuport Ring (mm Hg)
 JP06-32-16 32 130 10 16 500 750
 JP06-40-16 40 130 10 16 450 750
 JP06-50-16 50 130 10 16 450 750
 JP06-65-16 65 130 10 16 350 750
 JP06-80-16 80 130 10 16 350 750
 JP06-100-16 100 130 10 16 300 600
JP06-125-16 125 130 10 16 250 600
JP06-150-16 150 130 10 16 250 600
JP06-200-16 200 130 10 16 200 500
JP06-250-16 250 130 10 16 100 500
JP06-300-16 300 130 10 16 100 500


  • Supplied length may vary. Tolerance +/- 5%
  • The movements stated above have been reduced to cater for high temperature applications
  • Where vacuum conditions or pressures and temperatures above those stated exist, please check with us the suitability of and effects on the service life of Stourflex products. Vacuum support ring fitted upon request.
  • Details on larger sizes and alternative flange specifications are available on request
  • Stourflex products should be installed in accordance with our fitting instructions.
  • Stourflex rubber bellows should be periodically inspected and replaced if any deterioration is evident.
  • The JP06 rubber bellows are produced within the E.E.C and are stamped with date of manufacture. The JP06 conforms with and is certified to DIN 4809.


Download: Data Sheet and Installation Guide

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