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Town Primary School

Client:  London Borough of Hounslow
Products:   Rooftop Supports, Rooftop Access Expansion Joints, Anchors & Guides

 R&H Building Services


The estimated £2m new build Hounslow Town Primary School on the site of the existing school has provided an estimated 1,200 pupil space.

Stourflex were initially contacted to look at the pipe expansion, anchors and guides. Site visits were completed and drawings were looked at to resolve the issue of the pipe expansion. It was during one of these visits that Stourflex advised that we could look at the rooftop supports.

Further site visits took place and more drawings were looked at to provide a suitable and cost effective solution for the roof supports. Multiple plant equipment was supported including AHU's, chillers and ductwork.

On the final inspection of the installation, it was discussed with the contractor that we could offer the roof access. More site visits and drawings later, Stourflex and our partners were able to offer a solution that was acceptable for all parties.

Stourflex products supplies:

Expansion - Screwed expansion joints including WRAS Approved for the HWS. Appropriate anchors, guides and lagging jackets were also supplied.

Rooftop Supports - Combinations of the HD frame, grid frame and standard frames were used for the plant supports. H frame kits were supplied for the ductwork support.

Rooftop Access - 1, 6 and 7 step combinations were used for the access. L shape and Z shape platforms were supplied to overcome more clustered areas.