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Client: Millennium Point
Contractor: Haden Young Ltd
Products: Inertia Bases and EPDM Bellows

Millennium Point is a multi - tenanted complex comprising of four main parts: Discovery Centre, Technology Innovation Centre, Hub Atrium and IMAX Cinema.

Haden Young were appointed design and build contractors for the mechanical services, and as part of the package there was a need to control the noise and vibration transmitted from plant room equipment.

Due to the complexity of the layout of the plant room, Stourflex designed and provided the 6 bespoke inertia bases on which the heating and chilled water pumps are mounted.

The inertia bases measured between 3 metres and 4 metres in length, by over 1 metre in width, and were designed to have four pumps mounted on each.

STOURFLEX® inertia bases are manufactured from fully welded steel frames with internal reinforcement, and are coated with corrosion resistant epoxy paint finish. Stourlfex also provided over forty EPDM Tied Rubber Bellows to further reduce noise transmission on the pumps. 

STOURFLEX® provides a complete design service. This includes free technical advice, site surveys and after sales support.