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  • Rubber Bellows

    Stourflex rubber bellows are the ideal solution for absorbing noise and vibration from pumps, chillers and other reciprocating equipment. Proven in service for over 30 years the product range is available in variety of elastomers including the popular EPDM and Nitrile. Comprehensive stocks are held for all installation lengths and flange drillings. All products are supported by technical data sheets and installation instructions.
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  • Expansion Joints

    Stourflex Expansion Joints are designed to eliminate the problems associated with thermal expansion and provide a cost effective solution when expansion cannot be accommodated by using the natural inherent flexibility of the pipe. Stourflex expansion bellows are manufacture in accordance with the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association (EJMA) and are available in both standard stock production or bespoke designs
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  • Pipe Anchors And Guides

    Stourflex pipework anchors & guides are designed to accommodate the forces and provide the restraints to control the movements generated by thermal expansion. They are designed to complement Stourflex expansion joints ensuring the prefect engineered design. With our vast knowledge of expansion Joints and the loads they impose on pipework system we are able to provide a solution that best suits your installation and budget.
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  • Hoses & Pump Connectors

    Stourflex pipework anchors & guides are designed to accommodate the forces and provide the restraints to control the movements generated by thermal expansion. They are designed to complement Stourflex expansion joints ensuring the prefect engineered design. With our vast knowledge of expansion Joints and the loads they impose on pipework system we are able to provide a solution that best suits your installation and budget.
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  • Air & Dirt Separators

    The Stourflex range of Microbubble Air & Dirt Separators is designed to meet the demands of all building services heating and chilled water applications. The range includes the traditional vertically mounted horizontal unit , a unique horizontal high flow (Low Pressure Drop) Stainless Steel unit and Pressure Step Degasser for low pressure chilled water applications
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  • Chemical Dosing Pots

    Stourflex Dosing Pots are designed to provide a controlled and cost effective method of chemical dosing to heating and chilled water systems. Stourflex dosing pots are of a mild steel welded construction and are supplied in a kit of parts to enable the unit to be assembled to best suit site conditions. The unit is supplied complete with tundish, vessel, air vent, inlet, outlet and drain valves and check valves for safety. The range comprises of 3.5, 6, 11, 15, 20 and 25 litre units and are available ex-stock.
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  • Inertia Bases & AV Equipment

    Stourflex Inertia Bases are designed to reduce vibration from pumps and other reciprocating equipment. Inertia bases also reduce motion during start-up and shut-down, lower the centre of gravity and minimise the effect of unequal load distribution. Inertia base frames are specifically engineered to receive poured concrete and designed to suit all leading brands of pump including Grundfos, Wilo & Xylem.
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  • Caesar II Services

    Stourflex offer computer aided design using CAESAR II® Pipe Stress Analysis. The benefits of using computer aided design software enable our engineers to model and evaluate the behaviour of the pipework system. Therefore whether you are designing a new pipework system or assessing an existing one we can produce technical reports showing the forces which are generated by and need to be contained when installing expansion joints. This can significantly assist you in designing your pipework system
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  • Mission Statement

    "Our motivation is to provide solutions to our customer’s challenges. We do this by offering innovative products and outstanding technical support."
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Stourflex COVID – 19 Update

Following the announcement on Monday of the new Lockdown coming into effect, these are Stourflex’s current working practices.

Stourflex are open for business as usual but with added safety procedures to protect both our customers and staff which is our biggest priority, so the following procedures have been put in place.

Opening hours
The sales and accounts department will continue to be open for business from 08:30 to 17:00 Monday to Friday. We have reduced staff on the premises at any given time but all staff will be contactable as usual through our main landline number (01384 393329), direct dials or e-mails. The warehouse are running slightly reduced hours at present, typically 09:00 to 16:00.

Site Visits
Siter visits may still be possible but each visit will be judged by the individual to be undertaking it and senior management. Unfortunately if we do not feel it completely safe we have to postpone it until things improve. However in these situations we can still assist through looking at drawings, viewing photos / videos or by Teams meetings.

Trade Counter
The trade counter will no longer be open and tradesman / customers will no longer be permitted to enter. All deliveries and collections will need to be booked in advance. When attending site social distance must be followed and appropriate PPE must be warn.

Thank you for your continued support through this pandemic. We will keep you informed of any changes as and when they happen.

Type JP13 Untied Rubber Bellows. Chemical Service (Green).


Untied rubber bellows consisting of hypalon liner and neoprene cover, with nylon reinforcement body and steel reinforced collar. Fitted with zinc plated carbon steel swivel flanges drilled to BS. 4504 NP16.


Stourflex untied rubber bellows are designed to accommodate misalignment and both axial and lateral movement. They are also used to reduce noise and vibration from pumps and reciprocating machinery. They are suitable for acids, alkalis and industrial chemical applications. Maximum working temperature 60ºC. Maximum working pressure 16 Bar. Sizes 32mm 300mm. Maximum working pressure 6 Bar. Sizes 350mm 400mm. Stourflex rubber bellows should not be used at both their maximum working temperature and pressure respectively. Maximum test pressure = 1.5 x working pressure or 1.5 x flange rating, whichever the lower.


Stourflex are now able to offer a tailor made flexible lagging jacket to help reduce heat losses on LTHW systems and heat gains & condensation on CHW systems. Please ask for more information.


Supplied length may vary. Tolerance +/-5% Where vacuum conditions or pressures and temperatures above those stated exist, please check with us the suitability of and effects on service life of Stourflex products. Alternative flange drillings and materials are available on request. Stourflex products should be installed in accordance with our fitting instructions. Stourflex rubber bellows should be periodically inspected and replaced if any deterioration is evident.

Installation, Operation and Maintenance Instructions For Rubber Bellows:


Rubber bellows should be stored in a cool, dark, clean area and be protected from damage caused by other items of plant and equipment.


Rubber bellows should be inspected for internal and external damage prior to installation. The rubber bellows sealing surface should be clean and free from any debris that would prevent a seal or cause damage to the bellows in service.


The Stourflex range of rubber bellows are supplied at varying lengths. The movements stated in the datasheet can only be achieved when the given installation lengths are adhered too. Check that the correct rubber bellows have been selected for the operating conditions that exist. Temperature, pressure and movement should all be confirmed, as the wrong selection may result in failure of the system. Also check whether vacuum conditions exist and if so whether a vacuum support ring is required and has been fitted.


Rubber bellows should be installed at their neutral (supplied) length. Confirm that the gap left between the mating flanges in the pipework corresponds exactly with the neutral (supplied) length of the rubber bellows. Pipework should be true and straight. Any adjustments should be made to the pipework before the rubber bellows are fitted. See appropriate Stourflex data sheets for the installation length of the rubber bellows being installed.

JP13 2

Only the correct mating flanges should be used. They should be the same size and drilling and have a similar sealing face as that of the rubber bellows. They must be clean and free from any debris, sharp edges etc. to prevent damage occurring to the sealing face of the bellows. For mating flanges with a different sealing face diameter a composite gasket should be used to prevent any sharp edges cutting into the rubber sealing face.

JP13 3

Flange bolts must not be over tightened, bolts should be tightened gradually and evenly and in a crosswise manner. Bolts should be positioned so that the bolt head is nearest the bellows to prevent the bolt damaging the bellow in service. Tightness of bolts should be checked approximately seven days after installation.

JP13 4

Installation Continued

When tied rubber bellows are being used they must be installed at their neutral (supplied) length. Recheck installation length and movement capabilities of the bellows being installed. Ensure that the steel washers and the rubber top hat washers have been correctly fitted. Tie bar assemblies should be uniformly tightened and bolts rechecked after approximately seven days.

JP13 5

Pressure Test

If a hydraulic pressure test is to be carried out on a system containing rubber bellows, ensure that the anchors are correctly fitting before the test is carried out. Also ensure that the test pressure (usually 1.5 x working) does not exceed the maximum test pressure of the rubber bellows.


Rubber bellows must be anchored to ensure their correct performance. Tied rubber bellows should be selected for the sizes above 80mm and where pressures exceed 3bar.

JP13 6

Rubber bellows will exert a pressure thrust in service and must be anchored to protect adjacent pipework and equipment. Rubber bellows will extend under pressure and must be anchored to prevent this happening.

JP13 7


When properly installed and used at their correct operating temperature and pressure, rubber bellows will give many years of trouble free service. However rubber bellows should be inspected periodically for signs of deterioration. If insulation is to be used, this should be removable to allow inspection to be carried out. Flange bolts should be checked and retightened if required. Rubber bellows should not be painted as this may reduce service life. If fine hair cracks become evident in bellows membrane this is a sign that the bellows is nearing the end of its service life and should be replaced at the next convenient opportunity. A rubber bellows is an important part of any heating or chilled water system and consideration should be given to keeping a quantity of spares that would prevent a long term shutdown of the system.


Download: Data Sheet and Installation Guide

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